Balenciaga Color Question

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  1. I love the indigo color that I have seen on display from your bag collections. How do you think the new Bluet color would compare to Indigo? Has anyone seen this bag in this color? Thanks.
  2. The indigo is a deep, rich blue with purple overtones. The bluet is nearly identical to the F/W navy (no purple in it at all, some gray).
  3. Okay, thanks. I need to stick with the indigo color. Guess I will just have to try my luck on ebay.
  4. lvr told me their dark blue balenciaga was indigo. they have the city for $900 plus $65 shipping and $124 duty. You have to wire them the money and they will send you the instructions when you email them your order. ebay has one for $1200 or $1300 right now as well. I have this bag and I love the color and the bag. Good luck.
  5. is that luisa via rome?
  6. Okay, how do I contact LVR? Email? Phone? Do you have the info? Thanks.
  7. website is They sent me their catalogue (word document) a couple of days ago. I can email it to you if you like.
  8. Thanks Cal. I'll pm you.
  9. I was just on e-bay and there is a brand new listing for an Indigo Balenciaga City. I would check with all of our forum members to see if its legit though. They have helped me so much when I purchased my 2 Balenciaga bags. I love mine. Good Luck to ya!