balenciaga color, pain when ordering!

  1. I'm just wondering if you girls have experienced this: I'm trying to call in to Neimans and Saks to order the new 07 season natural city bag, and it's such a pain to discribe the color to the sales associates. how nice if balenciaga had printed the tags with color codes on them! And why can't the department stores just stick to the original names of the colors! Most of the sales associates haven't even heard of "natural"... :sad:
    and of course, until now I still have no luck of finding it. if any of you girls spotted a natural city in any of neiman or Saks, could you let me know? I prefer these two department stores since I do have local stores here, so in the unlikely case that I have to return (never seen natural in real person), it'll be easier.
    thank you~~~
  2. It shouldn't be too hard. It will have 2007 on the tag. The only thing that is close to natural is white and thye look nothing alike. Greige will have 2006 on the tag. I think if you tell them it's an ivory color, pale beige, with 2007 on the tag it should be easy. :yes:
  3. yeah, i do wish they'd print a color code, too. but powderpuff100 is right, there isn't another color from 2007 that they can really confuse with, so it shouldn't be too hard. i want to get something in natural (i haven't seen it IRL, but the pics are sooo purty!) but not sure what... i wonder how much different it is IRL from greige...
  4. Akuna - I can speak for Neimans as I was just there today after being told (I had left my name to call me if the bag was found/showed up) by the SA that she had a Natural city with regular hardware. She did not, she had a white/blanc city. Neimans calls "natural" Ivory/bone. according to their system, and I know this for a fact because this is the SECOND time I have been there dealing with this "search" - the entire network of Neimans has only 1 natural city w/reg hardware - it is supposedly at NM San Francisco - problem is no one at the handbag dept there has seen it. :cursing:

    So, good luck - I think if you really want one you will have to call Bal NY, also, I am pretty sure a fellow PF'er ordered one and then returned it to Shirise. Also, you could call Gretta Luxe they carry a lot of bbags.

    Good Luck!!
  5. There is a natural city currently listed on ebay (hope I am still allowed to post this?). Other than that, I know BalNY does have them. Good luck!
  6. thanks powderpuff! I'll try that description next time I call around.

  7. regarding color confusion, it's true when they have both white and natural in front of them, they won't get confused. but when they only have one, that's where the problem begins. I had one sales from Neiman that keep telling me they have an "offwhite"...:sad:
    you can check out one of powederpuff's older thread to see pictures of greige and natural side by sdie. they are both gorgeous!

  8. thank you so much loganz for all this info, really appreciate it!!! Why didn't Neiman get more of the natural!!

  9. Thanks flipflop. as for now I'll probably stay away from the no refund sites since I haven't seen the bag in person and there is the possibility that I might have to return.
    did you get your greige city yet? :smile:

  10. Good luck!

    The SAs at the Neimans by me are LV and Gucci experts, but ask them about Balenciaga and they just guess:confused1: :sad: