Balenciaga coin purses - where to buy/ what colors?

  1. Just wondering where these cuties are hiding. Please lmk the colors you've seen and where you've seen them.

  2. Oh I want to know, too. Especially BG or Magenta in RH. Anyone?
  3. I think our best bet is to call around.. i'm wondering the same thing as you two are
  4. As of last week Barney's in NYC has some in GH in magenta and EB
  5. this is what they have at Neiman Marcus in sf:

    bubblegum pink GGH coin purse
    sky blue GGH coin purse
    black GSH coin purse
  6. I called BNY today, they are already SOLD OUT of the Spring '08 colors! welp.
  7. ^^Darn, no regular hardware? :sad:

    I've called around so far no luck. Let's let each other know what we see!

  8. Try the other Barney's stores. You should have little problem finding them ;)

    S/S 08 CP RH's are just begining to filter in from what I'm hearing. I'm on a list for one and expect it in the next couple of weeks.

  9. ^^ I'm waiting for my SA to call back. I'd love to find an eb coinpurse! I did purchase a cinnamon coin though. I just love that color and I thought it would help get me through! LOL.