Balenciaga Coin Purses porte monnaie vs portefeuille?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was looking over the paper tags for my 2 Balenciaga Coin Purses and I noticed the name porte monnaie on my 2006 chevre coin purse in truffle and portefeuille on my 2009 agneau coin purse in charbon.

    Does anyone know what is the difference between porte monnaie and portefeuille? Is it because one is chevre vs the other is agneau? I have no idea --- please enlighten me if anyone out there knows!!

    Thanks so much!!
  2. Do you have pics?

  3. Hi! Here are the pics:

    The first 2 pictures are of my 2009 coin purse in charbon



    The last 2 pictures are of my 2006 coin purse in truffle


  4. Leather and hardware?
  5. I just went to check what my Blue Lavande (with mgsh) coin purse had but mine didn't even come with the info tag! Just the Balenciaga tag, the little controllato card and the leather sample. It also didn't come with the little dust bag, boo! :smile:
    I bought it last year at a Bal boutique and I had also bought a make up bag at the same time. That one did come with the info card. I just assumed at the time that due to the style or small size of the item it didn't require an info tag. Interesting.
    Also, they told me they don't normally give dust bags for SLG but because I bought 2 things they gave me one for the make up bag (which is called trousse on the tag, which I think is not what they call it on the Bal website, if I'm not mistaken?). Also interesting.
    Anyway, sorry....I was trying to be helpful to the OP and clearly I wasn't, LOL :smile:
  6. Porte-monnaie means "purse" and portefeuille means "portfolio". To me, porte-monnaie means "coin purse" whereas, the portefeuille can be used for other things (I store my smartphone in it or other incidentals). Has nothing to do with the leather or hardware ...

  7. To translate literally from French to English, porte-monnaie is a coin purse (to carry coins) and a portefeuille is a wallet (to carry paper bills). CeeJay is has nothing to do with leather or hardware. :true:
  8. Thank you so much ladies! :heart: