Balenciaga Coin Purse?

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  1. I've been eyeing this cutie for a while now. How much is it - and how hard are they to find?
  2. theyre 285, and pretty easy to find, balny has some in the new spring colors
  3. also not sure where you are but this store in Burlingame california, called 'Susan' has a ton of coin purses! they have them in various 05 and 06 colors and they had mentioned they had a bunch in back too. i guess since they really never go on sale, they just keep getting them? anyway it was fun to handle so many different colors and see them in person. the ice blue is always my FAVE. they had lilac 06 as well that was just divine. the CP's are SO cute. but if i bought one new i think i'd not want to use it, just stare at it...haha!
  4. love coin purses! i have a naturale ponyhair and will definately be getting more!
  5. I paid $315 (lvlady) on eBay. I really wanted it so I paid a little more. 05 navy, totally worth it.
  6. they are so adorable but i wouldn't spend so much on it, i'd rather save the $$$ for bigger bags!! i guess i'm chaep when it comes to bal coin purse haha :smile:
  7. Have one in ink that I always put my keys in (Too much money spent on purse and makeup and wallet) to damage with sharp keys!!
  8. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. I saw a PFer's bubblegum pink coin purse.. and that one is a must have for me! :biggrin: