Balenciaga Coin Purse in Edinburgh

  1. Hello Edinburgh Gals,

    I'm heading to Edinburgh this weekend and would love to pick up a coin purse to go with my Emerald City.

    I'm not fussy about colour.

    Which stores in Edinburgh stock Balenciaga and what do coin purses usually cost?

    Many thanks! :tup:
  2. Harvey Nics there stocks Balenciaga. Who knows, they might even have some in the sale. Good luck!
  3. Great thanks! Is Harvey Nicks near Princes St - I haven't been to Edinburgh in about 6 years! :smile:

    Oh, and one last question, are coin purses generally difficult to come by?
  4. I've never been to Edinburgh, I just know that HN there stock Balenciaga :blush: I think they have details of all their stores on the website.

    Not sure about coin purses being rare, there was a whole bunch of them in sale in Manchester Harvey Nics last week.
  5. Thanks for that Loony! :smile:
  6. No problem! Have fun this weekend :tup:
  7. Thanks! I'll do my best, in Edinburgh it shouldn't be too hard! :wlae: