Balenciaga Clutch? anybody has one?

  1. can anybody tell me how much would a Balenciaga CLUTCH retail for in the store? and if somebody knows the price in RESELL?

    for those who have this clutch, is it easy to use or hard to use?

    any other commnents would greatly be appreciated :flowers: thanks
  2. Koalaph-- I have the ghost, pochette, mini motorcycle, & planet styles.......what would you like to know? They are all different & unique :smile:
  3. i would like to know abt the functionality of the clutch....i mean if you put things inside wont it look "chubby" bec. B bags leather are soft...i dont know if i make sense but i hope you understood what i mean :yes: thanks :biggrin:
  4. i have the clutch and to me its a rather useful bag wherein you can put a lot of stuff in it and it doesnt look bulky. i use it often, i can put in my small wallet, mobile phone,small cologne, small powder case,lipstick and a small brush. i use it for parties and sometimes when i go to the movies and dont really want to bring a heavy bag
  5. I agree with emila. They are great for keeping inside your larger bbags and perfect for a night on the town.

    IMO, they are not bulky, but I guess if you overstuff them they would be.