Balenciaga Clous Bag....anyone seen it IRL?

  1. I have only seen this bag in the latest Vogue mag (Australia) and I was wondering what its like?..........anyone have any infor they can share????

  2. No, I haven't seen it yet...but here's a pic in case anyone is unsure which bag is the Clous (clous means "nails" in French, according to Babel Fish):

  3. i saw the clous clutch yesterday at neiman's in sf...
    it's black foldover style, with the small silver studs all over...really cool...
    my sa said they are getting the clous bag in black/silver and ocean/silver...
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  5. I saw this bag a few months ago at the Balenciaga NY Trunk Show. It's rather striking, very rock n' roll but also quite heavy. There's also another bag from this collection with much less hardware...
  6. I saw the one with less hardware (just the row down the middle) and liked it but didn't love it. It's a really nice tote, but it is a totally different leather, very stiff. That works well for a tote, but I realized I'd rather have other
    B bags more. I saw black in person, and pix of an Ocean, which was like a dark teal, a very different color from the Ocean of moto bags for fall. The color was pretty interesting.
  7. wow, the bag looks really cool!! i'm curious as to how heavy it is?
  8. It looks great but also probably really heavy when filled up!
  9. thanks for all the informed responses......i love the "rock n roll" look of the bag but I think it will be very heavy....I am hoping that NM or Aloha Rag will have one in stock when I arrive in Hawaii next week, so I can have a look..........but I think I will try and get the Work with GH if they have one .......
  10. it rocks!