Balenciaga CLOSED for the weekend

  1. Just a quick heads up for all Bbag gals:

    The Bal forum will be closed for the weekend until Monday night or early Tuesday morning for maintenance. We want to perform a clean up, introduce the new moderators and also finish up the new reference sections.
  2. Wow, okay.. I will surviiivvvvee, haha
  3. Cool - thanks for informing us Vlad! It will give me a chance to check out the other forums!
  4. Thanks for letting us know! :flowers:
  5. Ack! Does this mean I actually have to go out and do things over the weekend? :rolleyes::whistle: lol

    Thanks for the heads up, Vlad! Can't wait to see the updates :yes:
  6. :crybaby:Oh well, I guess I'll actually be able to get some homework done this weekend.
  7. And I'll be able to get all my housework done in one fell swoop!
  8. Me too.... :sad:

    There is a mop, some Murphy's oil soap and half a house full of solid maple floors calling my name......... :cursing:
  9. Thanks so very much, look forward to Mon/Tuesday!
  10. True story girlfriend. I am seriously not getting my chores done... I better get to work... DH will be so grateful that the balpf will be closed for the weekend! Thanks!
  11. Thanks for letting us know- I would have panicked:p!
    Thanks again for all of your hard work on this...the forum already looks a million times better!
  12. I know!! I can't wait for the Grand Unveiling of the new reference section: so much hard work has already gone into it. EXCITING!!! :nuts:
  13. thanks for let us know, we will survive:sweatdrop:
  14. My DH will probably write you a thank you letter:smile:...thanks for the heads up :tup:
  15. Thanks for letting us know. I can finish cleaning up my house, laundry, cooking. Then...having fun shopping.