Balenciaga Classic Money vs. Dior Eden Wallet

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  1. Greetings fellow TPFers,

    I have found myself in a bit of a (first world) conundrum and I need some advice. I would like to purchase a high-end wallet for myself and I will be heading to London Oxford Street sometime this week to acquire it. After a lot of contemplation I have narrowed the contenders down to two:

    Balenciaga Classic Money:

    Dior Eden Wallet:

    I have seen both in person before and I liked them equally. The BCM is edgy yet stylish and will retain its style status for the next 5 years or so whereas the DEW is timeless and classy. However, I think that I may be overthinking this as I'm starting to think what even is the POINT of spending so much but at the same time I really want to treat myself. With regards to the type of wallet I'm looking for: I need something with portability, doesn't mind getting thrown around from bag to bag and is easy to access. I have concerns about marking the patent leather on the DEW as well as caring for patent. Other than that I'm ever-so torn between the two. HEEEELP! :biggrin:
  2. biased owner of a bal money wallet and, for me, it has been the best wallet ever
    plenty of space but it isn't too bulky and, so far, the leather is holding very well and i must admit i don't baby it at all
    so, for me, bal money wallet, i had mine since 2009 and is still going strong
  3. I think the Bal bag is prettier and edgier. :heart:
  4. Thanks for your replies ladies; I am tending towards the B now. The Dior is elegant and whatnot but it's a tad plain-looking for the price.
  5. I would pick the Dior if it came in just lambskin.
  6. It does come in lambskin! But the hardware is silver and rather bland looking (in my opinion). I went forth and purchased a wallet today. I went for a different Dior in the end because I really wanted a compact wallet and Balenciaga have stopped making their billfold. I shall be doing a reveal on the Dior section soon! :smile:

    Thanks ladies for your advice
  7. I've had a Bal Money (but a version that has card slots inside the flap) for close to a year now, and have not regretted the purchase since! i like how understated it is, and how it's not too flashy (which patent can be). The lambskin is really soft, and can get easily scratched, but the darker color should help. Also, it can fit A LOT and i'm one of those people who carry everything in her wallet.

    Also, patent SLGs tend to not hold up very well, i think.

    that's my 2c and good luck with your decision!!!
  8. ^ this!!!

    I think I have the same style as yours because mine also has the card slots inside the flap and it's a button close instead of the magnet. I love my wallet to bits!!! It's my favorite and I've had mine for 2-3 years now, still in excellent shape (although i do not throw it around in the house or when I'm out). Mine's black with SGH for reference.