Balenciaga City White or Ink! Poll..... HElP!

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I should definetely get the White City or Ink City and Why?

  1. White City B-bag

  2. Ink City B-bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. As you might already know, I placed my order last week for my White city. At the time with no hesitation. I have been reading everyones great stories regaurding the Ink color. Im going crazy :wacko: trying to figure if I made the right decision. Now, I LOVE :love: the ink too. Girls PLEASE decide for me! It seems I just cant do it on my own this time:shame: You guys are all great! Thanks;)
  2. I have a white Twiggy and the color is fabulous! I do not feel the ink is one of their best colors. I've seen it in person on many different bags. The only bag I think it looks pretty in is the new Hook bag. With all the bright gorgeous colors these bags come in the ink is a bit of a yawn. That's JMO.
  3. White, duh! :P
  4. Hey Girl!
    Im having a hell of a time deciding which one I really want now:amuse: One second its white, then its ink, back and forth. You are so funny:lol: How did I guess you would choose white. Im still waiting to see yours!!(:P back at-cha')
  5. i'm putting my vote in for white! why? because i dont have a white bag and i think it would be a great colour for summer (welll for you guys) plus its just beautiful!!!

    you know what? you should get one city and one first?! then you'll have both colours!!! hehehe!
  6. Buy the White and then get an Ink! :lol:
  7. Phew! I wish! I do have a First in apple. That counts right!:biggrin: And the City makes it even:nuts:
  8. Or I could just live vicariousley through your ink!:nuts:
  9. Between the white and the ink, I'd get the white. It's just looks great in white, even more so than Ink. Plus the white has this chalkish cool tone to it that is just fab.
  10. If you don't have black, then get the ink. White is nice for spring/summer only!....but I'm sure you have other dark B-bags?! Oh, what the hell.....pick the white!
  11. The white is difficult to find, and it's getting closer to summer, so I would choose the white for now. The ink is beautiful as well, but you can always get a bag that color later. You know you'll be wanting another one later!
  12. You girls are GREAT!
    Keep the opinions coming!!! Thanks!!!
  13. As you know, I am completely obsessed with the ink- i just love the color. This being said, since its spring, I guess go for the white (which is also GORGEOUS) because there is another dark blue color on the line up for Fall- so you can always get something similar to the ink in the Fall, and enjoy the white one now! You can't go wrong, they are both fabulous!
  14. :biggrin: It's coming this week!
  15. Congrats, pursegalsf! Did you end up ordering from Bal NY or Neiman Marcus?
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