Balenciaga city vs Chanel WOC

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  1. My mother will buy me a purse .Which one should I go for ?

    Decision .......
  2. I am a Balenciaga fan so ...for me it's the City.
    It's also true that I am not a fan of Chanel.
    I have had a Bal City for nearly ten years now, and though I have never babied it, the wonderful leather has not changed.
    The Bal is also "younger" in my opinion....
  3. It depends on how you plan to use it. The City is a great everyday bag. The WOC is just that. A wallet on a chain. You can't go wrong with either depending upon your lifestyle.
  4. Normally I would say always chanel over balenciaga but for that price point your two options are either
    a) a fully functional practical bag or
    b) a wallet
    I have to say the bal bag makes much more sense.
  5. Hey OP! May I ask what other bags you have?

    Its really great that your mom is offering to buy one of those bags for you. Personally, if my mother was going to buy me a bag, and I could pick a Chanel, I'd ask for a jumbo. It carries a lot more than the WOC and will serve you well forever. And, you can always have the Chanel spa pamper it for you when needed.

    Nothing wrong with the city. I've owned Bals (only have one now and its on its way out) and loved them, but I feel you can always buy yourself a Bal later. Have your mom buy the more expensive bag (if it is within her budget) for you.

  6. Between a WOC and a City, I'd say City, because it can hold so much more (and I do love Bal). I agree with Aluxe that if it can be considered, then a jumbo would be a great choice. If not though, and your choices are really between a City and a WOC, then I'd say City.
  7. Scenario: if you were the one buying the bag (not your mother) which bag would you buy?

    If you'd buy yourself the City, then ask for the WOC and vice versa.

    Since this is a gift, you might as well ask for the bag that you wouldn't buy yourself.
  8. I have both bags and love both. But since the Bal is a proper bag and fits a lot, I would go for the Bal. Plus it's more bang for your buck. The WOC is only good if you carry the bare essentials.
  9. If I were you I'd ask my mom to use the amount she is wiling to spend on a new Chanel woc on a preloved jumbo/gst/soft camera bags. That is if you do not mind pre loved items. With the Chanel you can use it after so many years and will never look too old for it. I personally do not understand the appeal of bal bags.
  10. I would pick Bal City!
  11. Thank you very much everyone. I already own a m/l classic flap and a mini classic flap and a balenciaga city bag. I don't like the heaviness of the jumbo so I got the m/l instead. I like both Chanel and balenciaga. I decided to go for a balenciaga city because I think I will get use out of it more. Thank you so much.
  12. Id say if you like both of them then get them. since your mom is helping you by getting either one of them.. get the other one yourself. believe me. you need them both ( problem solved) :heart::heart::heart::winkiss:
  13. I love Chanel over Balenciaga but you will get more wears out of the city. The good thing is Chanel WOCs are usually easy to find so if you wait you will be able to find one later for sure. I think you have made the right choice to go with the city