Balenciaga City Reveal

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  1. Hi everyone I finally received my Balenciaga City.. I got it for a steal at $1000 and it was NWT... so excited, tell me your opinions on this leather because it does seem to be very thin

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  2. Think of the leather as supple rather than thin. If you're accustomed to LV (particularly mono canvas) your first Balenciaga City might be a bit of a culture shock. But fear not, you acclimate to the point of addiction in no time at all! Congratulations on your beautiful new Bal!
  3. What a great deal !
  4. She is beautiful! Congrats! The leather may be thin but i find it to be surprisingly strong
  5. It's beautiful! The color looks to be really saturated. Enjoy!
  6. When I purchased my first Bal I also felt the leather was a bit thin. However, it has worn beautifully and I couldn't ask more from a bag. You'll love it and you'll also love a bag that doesn't weigh a ton. Congrats!
  7. Congrats !!! The leather look lovely, it will look better after every wear.

    May i know which year is this City? :smile:
  8. Very nice! Enjoy and congrats.
  9. This is the 2013 spring

    Thanks everyone.. I was really use to LV before so thats what it probably is
  10. Oooo...nice

    Ever since gotten leather bags, i seldom look at LV (i used to b a LV fanatic)
    Cos now i really know what i want instead of blindly following the fashion/market trend

    Njoy her, you will fall deep in love :biggrin:
  11. I agree with Fimpagebag. I thought the leather on my Bal was thin when I first got it, but it's held up really well and has become so soft over time. I also love how light the bag is.

    You got a great deal! Enjoy it and congrats!
  12. Once it breaks in, you will love it even more! Enjoy your bag!
  13. Great deal!! Gorgeous!!
  14. Beautiful! I'm thinking of getting one in Bleu Dragee.
  15. Very nice!!! I'm also a convert from LV - their price increases on the bags became insulting to me starting early 2013 - i'd much rather buy an all leather beautiful Work bag rather than a Louis Vuitton now. But there's nothing better than a Louis Vuitton Zippy wallet as far as wallets go...