Balenciaga city question!

  1. Hello.i just wonder if balenciaga city bags are still available in balenciaga stores???(i know its a 2003-2004 year collection)thats why i ask!;)
  2. in a specific colour? or the style? it is one of the most popular style and it's still around!
  3. and what is the price of it?the red or pink balenciaga city please.
  4. The City is available every season, so it's always possible to get one. The hard part is getting a color from a past season. I think it's possible Bal NY might still have some Petal Pink or Pale Magenta Citys. As for might have to wait until the S/S '08 coral red comes out, but it wouldn't hurt to call.
  5. regular hardware city (the ones with the tassels) retails for USD 1195
  6. city with giant hardward retail at $1595. call balny to see what colour they have available.
  7. You can check the reference section for colors so that you can narrow it down, and hardware (giant gold, giant silver, regular hardware)