Balenciaga City price?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm new to the Balenciaga thread, and since I don't know the bags very well I hope you don't mind a newbie question! :shame: I was saving up for a LV Epi Speedy but I'm sort of afraid it's not going to be functional for my lifestyle. I need something I can toss a book in and wear on my shoulder. I'm starting to think the Balenciaga City bag would be PERFECT though, and I love all the fun colors. So I'm thinking of diverting funds to the Balenciaga. :amuse: But I'm not sure how much a used Balenciaga City bag generally costs. I've been keeping an eye on the WTS forum and thinking that I should expect to pay about $900 - does this seem accurate (depending on color, of course)? I won't have saved up that much until Christmas, but I'm looking forward to it!!

    All your bbags are beautiful, I love looking at the pictures! :love:
  2. The price for the city is $1195.
  3. That City is $1195.00. Just purchased one
  4. I'm not sure about what they are used. I get the impression that it depends on the year and color. Some colors are harder to find than others.

    As stated above, the new ones are $1195.00. I hope you can find one you like. And when you do, we wanna see it!!!
  5. Hi Vanojr9 - balenciaga bags tend to keep their value.

    You may find someone who really wants to sell theirs and in that case $900 is reasonable; but, many people will only sell for retail because someone will pay it.

    Price will depend most on the color bag you are looking for. I paid retail for my Ice Blue city because it is so rare and no longer available in stores. Some have paid over retail for very rare/popular colors such as eggplant, anis, and pistachio.

    Good luck - we are all always happy to help authenticate if need be. :biggrin:
  6. Good luck - we are all always happy to help authenticate if need be. :biggrin:[/quote]

    Yes, if you should choose to buy from e-bay please have the bag looked at by the girls here on the forum. You may find one to suit your budget, but the chances of it being a fake are extremely high. Good Luck to ya!;)
  7. Oooh, thanks for the info ladies, you all are fantastic :smile: I didn't realize that the bags retailed for $1195 - I'll just aim to save up that amount and see if I find a good deal on a used one in the meantime. It would be sorta fun to buy one direct from Balenciaga though and pick my color :smile:

    Thanks for the offer too, Loganz, I'll definitely PM you if I find one I'm questioning!
  8. There are a number of styles available now, and obviously, they range in price.

    I would take a look at this website - (this section highlights the various styles and prices).

    Not only is the above helpful, but there are also a number of sections devoted to "how to tell" if a bag is fake or not (if you decide to go the eBay route).

    Good luck!!!!
  9. I use mine to carry a bunch of stuff and usually a book or two, so I would recommend it over an LV. It will be worth the wait! Watch the Marketplace here, too, in case you find a deal on a used b-bag. Good luck!
  10. I like the city very much but it looks a bit funny with the shoulder strap because the bag looses its form a bit. It looks like the strap is to short. The first doesn't do it. It's hard to describe.
  11. i just started my balenciaga bag fund and was hoping someone could tell me the current retail price for the city and the twiggy bags. thanks in advance!
  12. Is it cheaper to buy a Bbag in Europe than any other part of the world?
  13. LOL
    Just realized this is a really old thread..
  14. Hi, please try a search in the Shopping section, as there are several threads on this. Thanks! :flowers:
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