balenciaga city or ysl muse?

  1. Hi! Iam planning to buy a new bag.. Which one is better a black balenciaga city or a ysl muse? :yes: and can you guys help me wat size should I buy for the ysl muse because im only 5'1..tnx :yes:
  2. Muse in Medium
  3. Balenciaga!!
  4. Balenciaga too!
  5. i'm going to say, BALENCIAGA!!! i'm just 5'1 and i've got a black city and its wonderful!!!
  6. i'd say Balenciaga
  7. i would say balenciaga city!!!
  8. i have both -- a black city and a black medium muse. i love both. i think you will get more use from the bbag but i think it just depends really on whether you want a more structured bag or not.
  9. Me too, but I'm 5'2". I think the Balenciaga can be dressed up and down, but the YSL Muse looks much more formal. I think age may play a factor as well... I'm in my late 20's, and find that the Muse looks a bit mature for me. But for size though, I agree with the medium Muse on your frame.
  10. YSL Muse. i'm not a fan of Balenciaga. plus i think the Muse is not as rampant as the Balenciaga bags, so it would be a nice change
  11. I like the city better! But if you get the Muse get it in Medium or large.
  12. Balenciaga for sure. Can be dressed up/down, I like the YSL muse, but it looks very formal.
  13. I use the Muse with jeans (dress down) and with business/dressy suits for the office. I only wear my Balenciaga (which is a sexy/edgy bag) with jeans, crops, etc.. (dress down). The two styles are really not comparable. Muse is structured & classic looking (similar shape as LV Alma which is a classic bag) and perhaps because of that, is a sophisticated look. Balenciaga with it's tassles and smooshy relaxed look is fun/laid back/kinda sexy (Bohemian edgey). What is your style? If you want a bag to take to professional business meetings and use as a stylish dress down jeans bag too then go with the Muse (size wise, it would be nice if you could try all 3 sizes to see which you feel most comfortable with; large is a good everyday size). If your style is always more casual then go with the Balenciaga. Ideally since they are so different, you could get your fav first and then later the other.
  14. Well said... another addition , go and try both of them yourself. You will feel it when you try it on. The right bag will scream its name in your mind.
  15. Balenciaga City!:heart: