Balenciaga City or LV Speedy B 30?

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  1. If you can only choose one, which would it be and why?
    Your comments are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. omg both options is so confusing, both bags are hard to resist! not to brag but I feel lucky because i have those two bags and i love it :smile: if you want a pure stylish bag then you should go for balenciaga, but if you want the timeless and classic one in your closet go get the LV speedy bag. so it depends what model do you want, the casual yet stylish or classic one. but i would choose balenciaga because the model is casual, modern and fun (it doesn't make any sense) but i hope u get it :smile:
  3. If you like LV, the Speedy is the quintessential piece. Every LV lover should own one (or 4 like me LOL!)
  4. I would prefer the LV Speedy B 30 - I like a longer strap. The Bal City is more edgy and the LV Speedy B 30 is classier - I guess it's what look you're after. Good luck! (P.S. I have neither.)
  5. Both are great bags! I'll get the City first, as it goes great with casual outfits, and works with formal outfits too. Speedy B is very classy looking too. Good luck deciding!
  6. I have both and love both so much. I get so much use out of the Speedy B because it's canvas, so I rock it up everywhere I go. With the City that is pure leather, I have to be a little more careful. I think... eventually you'd get both!
  7. I owned speedy before but now prefer full leather bags. So Balenciaga is my choice and im surprised it is so much lighter than my speedy last time ( i stuff the same amt of things inside them)

    Happy decision making !!!

    Both are special in their own luck
  8. I was looking for this same topic ;) I'm still not sure! Going to NYC this month for my 10 year anniversary and getting spoiled with an awesome souvenir!
  9. I posted this in the LV forum as well to see what tpfers in different forums think.
    I have a Speedy B30 which I am considering on letting go because a City is on its way to me...but I am not so sure yet...
  10. City! ;)
  11. I am kinda in the same situation here, still deciding between this 2 bags as my first primer designer bag. But the more I learn about Balenciaga the more I think that Balenciaga will work better with my casual life style. I still have time left to decide before Valentines day. 😅

    Does Balenciaga also has price increase every year like louis vuitton ?
  12. If you like the LV Speedy's shape and longer straps, check-out Bal's twiggy and maxi twiggy. I have the maxi twiggy, and with its long strap, i can wear it crossbody for a more casual style. Very convenient during travels. It's very spacious too!
    Plus...there's just too many LV speedy knock-offs in the streets nowadays. ;)
  13. Have both, love both! I use my speedy when I'm feeling classic & wearing mostly non patterned clothing. My bal city is great when I'm wearing something with a heavy pattern or when I want to be incognito as it's less recognizable in my area. Both hold about the same amount but the city has 2 interior pockets as well as a zippered area inside & the zip pocket on the exterior is perfect for holding my debit & credit cards or small wallet. Both are comfy to carry & easily go from hand to shoulder carry. You can't go wrong with either one. Have fun choosing!!!
  14. the black lariat motorcycle purse is dope *****ZzZz :wave:
  15. I have both bags and absolutely love them. Both are great as everyday bags although my speedy b gives me the option to go cross- body. Good luck choosing.