Balenciaga City or Gucci Soho Boston?

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  1. I dont know what to get for my 25th birthday... the Gucci Soho Boston in red or Balenciaga City in black.... I've been wanting the Balenciaga for so long.. and that was my decision but last week I saw the Gucci in person and fall in love with it!! What would you recommend?
  2. I would suggest you get the bag that makes your heart skip a beat!

    Good luck and Happy Birthday.:smile:
  3. Agreed ^^. And not sure if you ever plan on reselling, if you do...keep in mind Gucci would probably be harder to sell and the resale value sucks.
  4. I would say Balenciaga! It can never go wrong :love:
  5. Another vote for Bal city!! I find Gucci offence to those who love the brand!
  6. Bal all the way! :smile:
  7. I had THE Same "problem" and so i went to THE store and it was even harder... But then i found a balenciaga velo and just fell for it, he is sooo soft! I just love THE lamb leather.. You Will know when it's THE right one :smile:
  8. Bal city. You can never go wrong with something that you've wanted for a long time, whereas for the Gucci Boston, it might just be a temporary fling...
  9. Another vote for bal! I have the city in black and I absolutely love it!!
  10. Go for a Bal!
  11. Black City. I bought one a couple months ago and I cherish it. Black Cities are classic, IMO.
  12. Balenciaga all the way! I know which Gucci you speak of and it is nice, but the city is way too classic to compare.
  13. I prefer Balenciaga. Though I don't have one yet haha.
  14. Balenciaga city :smile:
  15. Another vote for the Bal City .... of course, you ARE in the Bal forum!