Balenciaga City or Chloe Edith?

  1. similar size, which one will you choose??
    i've just got my Whisky chloe edith, thinking if i should get a balenciaga city or twiggy??
  2. I have a Chloe Edith and find that the top opening is rather small, the
    city is easier to get in and out of, and the B-bags are more classic (my
    opinion of course!) The leather on the Edith is really nice though, and
    I bet it will get even nicer with time and wear........Either one you can't
    go wrong! Once you start with the b-bags you will be hooked!
  3. yea, the top opening is a problem for edith:yes: , but i wont care that much, since i dont usually carry lota stuffs...:P
  4. chloe 231, how true re bal bags, every time i get a chloe, i end up returning it for another bal bag, i love the look of chloe ,but the light weight of bal bags is hard to beat.
  5. I vote for City. I had a Chloe Edith, used it for an afternoon, had tendonitis in both arms for days after. Am sticking with Balenciaga, nice and light.
  6. The Edith must be the biggest and most unwieldy bag I have ever seen and touched. The SA at Neiman Marcus tried to sell me a Edith when I got my Rouille Twiggy, and the choice was obvious.
  7. The Twiggy is so easy to get in and out of and so spacious and lightweight compared to my Paddy.
  8. Oh my gosh Coldplaylover! I have a Paddy too and I hate it now...the padlock, goodness!
  9. oohhh bb10lue! im also thinking of getting either a city (will be my first balenciaga!) or the chloe edith! but after reading their replies, i think ill go with the city! :smile:
  10. i'm going to say.... TWIGGY or CITY! they're both great bags.... really light weight and user friendly!
  11. which one should i get, city or twiggy? they both lovely....
  12. its just my opinion, that city is similar to edith, and twiggy is similar to silverado. i got that feeling when i tried them in store.
  13. You should look through the "Documenting Balenciaga" thread at the top of the page to see some of the different style and size comparisons. I have both sizes, and they are great in different ways. I appreciate your initial question, as I have been trying to decide if I can live without the Edith!
  14. Love the city! I returned a medium Edith and later, a large Edith. I do not seem to be a Chloe the b-bags...
  15. I personally like the Edith better (no offense to the Bal sub-forum!). Yeah I can see what you mean by the top opening being a hassle, but it doesn't really bother me that much. The bag's leather and its sophisticated look just got me hooked! :love: