balenciaga city or chanel GST?

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  1. i've been thinking for a while now, should i be getting a city or a GST? they both will be use for outtings like shopping, dates, dinner... i just want a bag that i know i will love in the long run, but im torn between the two so far! save me ladies! :sad:
  2. Love both chanel and balenciaga!!!

    So, in the long run, im sure you will need both.
    Now, which will come first will all depend on your currently lifestyle...

    a.k.a - your lifestyle, daily needs, do you have kids? are you always in work clothes? casual clothes? dresses?

    Also - weight of the bag... the GST is heavier without a doubt balenciaga will be a lighter bag and comfy to carry with the removable strap as shoulder bag and the double handles as a hand bag...

    What other bags do you have in your collection? YOu want variation ...

    I hope these are good questions to ponder on and help with your decision.

    FYI - i have 7 balenciaga bags and 5 chanels... THe chanel lamb leather i have to baby for some reason and so they are always stored in their dustbags... I find myself reaching for my bigger balenciaga bags - work or part time - as it works better for my lifestyle - i tend to bring the whole house with me if i could:P

    I have three kids - so i can bring a magazine, phone, snacks for the kids, sunglasses, notebook plus i can put a little sweater and use the longer handle if i get tired...
    hope this helps!!!
    Good luck!
  3. hhhmmm this is tough....

    i'm a bal lover and after getting quite a few bals i got myself a gst and i loved it!

    BUT I love bal more and will get another bal as my next bag purchase :biggrin:

    the gst is great but for me it will show wear in the long run -- sagging bottom, rubbed corners, etc.

    good luck on your choice!
  4. I don't like the stiff caviar leather of the GST and once it starts to break in it looks sloppy. When the city starts to break in it looks even better!
  5. I love both style. But maybe you have to look at your daily outfit, I think bit bag deliver different vibe, the balenciaga is definitely more relaxed and casual, the gst more classy and expensive looking.
    When I read your needs I say you'll need a gst, but in my heart I love balenciaga city more.
  6. I have both and I must say I use my city a hundred times more than my Black GST. I love the layout of the bag and it is so versatile - I use it for work and going out.

    I save my GST when I want to dress to impress- I'm afraid if I use it too much it will get out of shape.
  7. My mum has just got her HG, a black GHW Chanel GST, and while I think the style is classic and elegant, for me it's a bit too "boxy" for regular use (also I would be a bit concerned about keeping an eye on the open sides of the bag while on the subway etc as it seems easy for people to dip into - sorry to be a cynic but that's just MHO!).

    I would definitely like a GST in my collection at some point, but I don't think it could come close to the deep love I have for my Black RGGH City - the Bal goes with everything from workwear to casuals, the leather wears in AMAZINGLY :drool:, it looks better and better with age/use, and for me requires less "babying" than a GST.

    They are both stunning bags though, so good luck for whatever you choose. I am sure you won't be disappointed with either :tup:
  8. City is versatile and light. GST is elegant but a bit heavy to use it for a long day.
  9. Agree with what everyone has said here so far. Think the Bal works so well as an everyday, every occasion bag which looks better with age. So Bal gets the thumbs up from me
  10. Thank you so much ladies! esp amacasa... I would most likely to be getting a city since I'm still in school... I think after collecting a few more bals I will then move onto chanels :smile: but another thing having me worry is the constant price increase that chanel is having... I'm afraid that after a couple of years down the road a GST may be as insane as $3000 :shocked:
  11. Speaking of breaking - those Chanel GST chains are known to do that too. Many times I have been in the store when someone comes in with a broken GST strap to be repaired.

    I like the sloppy look of a well worn, softer leather GST, but a broken chain would make me furious.
  12. I have both of these styles too, although I have only had the Bal city for a short while... So far I have been using the Chanel for "nicer" things like a charity fundraiser, a conference and outings where I dress up a little more. My Bal City is definitely a more casual and edgy look but I have been carrying it every day to work since I got it a few weeks ago... that is probably because it is new though! The Bal City is also easier to carry and put on your shoulder if you need to carry other things in your hands...but the Chanel GST is much easier to grab things from quickly if what you need is in one of the open pockets.

    I totally get the concern about Chanel's price increases, I got my GST just a few days after the price hike last winter and I was so angry, the SA warned me but I didn't have the money in time.

    Do I love one more than the other? I love them equally, and probably will for many years!
  13. Even though the gst is a bigger and heavier bag, the city fits more. I recently let go of my gst -- even though it was beautiful, it ended up sitting unused because I could actually fit more in the city!! Both are great bags. Good luck with your decision :smile:
  14. Such a tough question! I love both!
  15. Oh you are welcome!!! ;)

    Happy to have been of help.. Now when you get your balenciaga , we want pics!!!:biggrin:

    DOn't worry about the price hike!!! That's why you are at school right? so you can sharpen those brain, ask for a big pay, and clear those shelves of GSTs in every color!!!;)