balenciaga city? motorcycle?

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Mar 7, 2006
hey guys,

is the city essentially the medium size? got kinda confused.

also, does anyone have an idea how much the city black is priced at?

i tried barneys but they dont have it!!! does anyone know any stores that carries it??

hey ya!

its the same thing :smile:

you'll totally love your b-bag when you get it! i've got a black city/medium and its great!!!

weeeee heeeeeeeeeeee b-bags!!!!
i believe that motorcycle bags are a larger category of balenciaga bags including the city. motorcycle bags are definitely the one's you've probably been seeing on the streets.
From what I know the motorcycle bag refers to all the bags that have the motorcycle fact. Therefore, the city (medium size bag that you want), the first, the weekender, etc. are all motor bags. (I think) I actaully wondered the same thing when I fisrt became interested in these bags :smile:

And I would check aloharag. I know they have some colors in stock -- or at least they did when I checked last week I think.
jacquelinez said:
thanks so much!!

does anyone know where i can find them right now? ive been wanting it for so long!!

I would try Balenciaga New York. They are currently getting the new spring 2006 bags in, and I think they still have a pretty good selection of pre-Spring 2006 bags available too. Their phone number is: (212) 206-0872.

Also check out the ateliernaff blog that is linked above. You will find information on styles and colors there.
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