Balenciaga city-keep or exchange?

  1. I need your expert advice! I posted a similar post before but I just want to get your expertise! I received my first balenciaga city (black) but I realized SA accidentally sent me 06 instead of 07. The one I received..the leather seems thin, but then again it's my first B Bag so I really can't be sure. If it's too thin, will it affect the strength of the bag? Because I plan to carry it a lot. Since it's black it can't be that much diff from 06 to 07..right? Should I exchange it?
    I just want to make the right decision so I don't regret it later on!
    Thanks so much!
    balenciaga.jpg balenciaga2.jpg
  2. If you don't like it, you don't like it, doesn't matter for what reason, just return or exchange for something that will wow you. If the bag was right for you, it wouldn't have mattered if it's a 06 or 07 or 10, but obviously something about hte bag's not catching you right, so just get something else:smile:
  3. My first b-bag was purchased at the end of 06' and it turned out to be an 05' bag... however, it didnt bother me as the 05' leather turned out to be awsome...

    If you want an 07' bag, then send it back - otherwise, if you do like it, I dont think its a problem if the bag is from 06'.

    Balenciaga leather is very strong even though it can be thinner on some bags.

    But as chriseve said - if you dont like it, you dont like it.
  4. .......if you don't like it send it bag...I had , have a couple of f/w 06 bags with gorgeous leather nearly 05ish.
  5. It is hard to tell from your pics how great the leather could be, however Black City is easy to find again, and yes they are all different. Get one that you love instead of feeling like you settled.

    I have to remember this advice for myself too!
  6. I do like it, but after hearing about thin leathers....made me have second thoughts! I'll think about it some more. Thanks for all of your advice!
  7. the 07 black leather is rumored to be fading FYI. if you want a black one maybe you should wait for the 08s
  8. seems like you are not feeling it. I can tell if I love a bag from the second I get my hands on it. I would exchange.
  9. i have a 06 black city and it is a bag i have used everyday for the past 2 years. still looks jet-black and in great condition with only light scuffs on the corners. my friend 07 black city which she just purchased a couple of months ago has faded already and her scratches are oblivious ( don't know if it is because of the thicker leather and the faded color. i don't know if this is true but we were comparing our bags the other day). don't know if this helps you or not. go with how you feel about it-on whether you love it or not.

    btw, mine has the thinner leather too. still love it!
  10. ^^ i'd keep the '06 city sweetie!!! :tup:

    p.s. my main concern w/the '07's is fading :wondering
    p.p.s. i've got 3 black '06 b-bags & i :heart: 'em
  11. I have a s/s 07 black city. The leather is thinner then on my a/w 07 ocean city, but it seems to be holding up well and is absolutely gorgeous - no fading at all. I think sometimes it is just the luck of the draw - all bags seem to be different in some ways.
  12. I think your black city is gorgeous :drool:. I love the distressing on it! I've owned 3 black cities (an 05, 06 and 07), and I think my 06 has the best leather out of all of them. That said, the only important thing is whether or not you like it. If you're not in love with your black city then you should return it for one that you like better :yes:
  13. Your bag is GORGEOUS!! I'd keep it ;o)