balenciaga city for red carpet event ?

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  1. ok so i was watching american idol red carpet and the new pirate move red carpet a lot of people have big bags what do you think. is it ok to have a city on the red carpet or at a ball i was thinking of just buying a city i love big bags and use it for stuff like church and a office christmas party its kind of a dress up thing at a hotel so can i ? also i have seen kobe bryants wife on the red carpet and other events all she ever has are big bags . im thinking the classique is to small but im not sure how a city will look with a dress and can i have big bags in pink and yellow ? when it comes to fashion im a mess and i need help . :confused1:
  2. To me, b-bags are not red carpet bags. Even when I saw gorgeous Julianne Moore with her green makeup clutch; as cute as it was, it wasn't the right bag IMO. For the rest of us who don't walk the red carpet... I *might* carry a First to a dressy event, but I would probably choose something else.
  3. unless you carry something small and sexy like a ghost or oval clutch! i saw a picture of charlize theron at a red carpet even carrying a white flat clutch and it looked classy and gorgeous! i guess it just depends on how dressy your dress is...
  4. i think the lune clutch is fabulous for red carpet event :yes:
  5. Yeah, Charlize was gorgeous with that white clutch! My reply was directed more like for the Oscars or the dressier events.
  6. If I ever went to a red carpet event, which probably will *neveeer* happen, I would not bring a city. Probably a clutch but depends on the dress.
  7. Personally I think a city is too casual for a formal event - one of the reasons I like them so much is because my life is 99% casual.
  8. Agree with what everyone has said...the City is just too casual for that kind of event, unless you're a rock star and dressed all in leather or something. ;)
  9. No, the city is too casual to take to a red carpet event. I'd pick maybe the makeup clutch or some other bag. The first can look cute though!
  10. ITA!
  11. i will never be on a red carpet but just wanted to know what everyone thinks
  12. ok the OP mentioned American Idol Finale and the Pirates Premire... those are more casual red carpet events and I dont see anything wrong with seeing a bbag on the red carpet in that case. :tup:

    now for the oscars/golden globes/even grammys I would say:tdown:
  13. I really think the only Bbag that would work for a very formal red carpet event is the Oval clutch, and even that would depend a lot on your dress. The City would definitely not fly.

    I would say if it's not a bag you'd take to the opera, it doesn't belong on the red carpet.
  14. I think a big bag on the red carpet wouldn't be a great idea. Especially since if it's a red carpet event, you'll probably be wearing a killer dress, and not that bal bag is downgrading the dress, but you don't want a big bag to take away from the dress. On the other hand, if you have small bal clutch or a flat small tiny bal style, you could definitely make that work. The big bal bag might also make you look too casual. I hope this helps. Especially since I have ZERO experience with the red carpet! :P
  15. I'm glad you said that. I've always thought that clutch did not go well with the dress!