Balenciaga City/First or Chanel Jumbo?

  1. It's a tossup between these two - if I can find a black city that is, having no luck :tdown: BUT have tracked down a couple of Chanel jumbos in black. Desperately need a black purse!

    Which would you choose and why? Which is more versatile? I don't have a very dressy wardrobe which makes me feel maybe Balenciaga is more appropriate...yet I see a lot of celebs carry the Chanels with jeans, etc.

    Thanks girls :nuts:

    Pic courtesy of eBay auction 270134383556; I figure everyone knows what the city looks like :smile:

  2. Chanel!
  3. I would KILL for an XL vintage jumbo flap! That gets my vote.

    I have an 07 Jumbo flap w/silver HW and I adore it! I carry it daily. It is a beautiful bag that can easily be dressed up or down in my opinion.
  4. very pretty. you should definitely get the chanel.
  5. yeah, get the chanel!
  6. Chanel, definitely.
  7. Chanel, for certain. I like both bags, but the Chanel can dress up or down, and is appropriate for every occasion. Bbags are great, but not quite as versatile.
  8. Looks like my opinion's in the minority... but I would go with the bbag. I think it looks amazing when dressed down, and can also be dressed up!
  9. Both are totally different bags... I love both Chanel & Balenciaga but not a fan of the XL jumbo so my vote goes to black city! :tup:
  10. Chanel, definitely.
  11. Get the Chanel! :heart:
  12. My vote's for Balenciaga, I feel that particular Chanel is too dressy for everyday use.
  13. Tough choice! If I was choosing for myself, I'd go with Balenciaga FOR SURE! It will suit my style more that CHANEL jumbo. I am like you, more casual, and, trust me, I think CHANEL looks KILLER with jeans BUT I still think for me Balenciaga would work much better.
  14. Bbag if it was me. This Chanel is too big and unless you ARE a celebrity, when you wear it with jeans people will probably think it's a fake. Just my humble opinion!:smile:
  15. I definately love them both - but I would have to vote for the BBag if your wardrobe is more casual.

    I think the Chanel is a little more dressy.