Balenciaga City Bag Lovers?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Im brand new to this awsome purse sight. I have every bag imaginable. Today I just received my new lavender B bag. I love it! Does anyone have this super fun and way too expensive addiction besides me?? Let me in on pics. and your favorite color Balencia bags. I dont think one color is just going to be enough. LOL:biggrin:
  2. Post pics - which size City did you get?

    I have a twiggy and a box; both are pictured in my Bag Showcase thread.

    I think I would like to add a City to my collection one day; but, I have no clue on size?? :blink:
  3. I am right there with you!! I am a purse addict. I have bought and sold authentic bags on ebay since 2001 and I have to say, I think I have met my match with Balenciaga. I own just one, I've had it for less than one month. I am one of those lucky folks that found an authentic Balenciaga City bag on ebay. But I have to say, I really want the satisfaction of buying a brand new one from a store. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any place in the Washington, DC area that sells Balenciaga. I know Capitol Clothing in Charlotte, NC carries them. I am remiss for not buying the first in bordeaux when I was visiting friends in November. Man, was it gorgeous. Alas, regret is not an option. I just need to make it happen and go get me a first.
  4. Wow!
    how lucky can you get! How were you able to really know it was truely authentic on e-bay. I have burned so many times thinking my LV bags were authentic and NOT! Let me know your technique and what color you got. Maybe I'll try sometime.:P
  5. ***Puts hand up***

    Yes, im a Balenciaga Bag lover! My name is helen

    I got my twiggy (cornflower blue) :love: from the Balenciaga yesterday! And now i'm waiting for my Black (plain jane) to arrive from Aloha Rag and after the black one arrives im looking into getting a "first" maybe in some funky colour.... BUT i'll have to think about that! :shame:
  6. Do you have picks of your lilac- I am thinking of getting a Lilac twiggy.

    Eventhough I already have a sky blue and rouge cities, + a black classique....
  7. I would love to put pics up. Can you or someone please explain how I do this. I guess you can say I'm pretty picture illiterate when it comes to downloading them.;)
  8. The bag I got was the pre-fall 2005 City bag in Caramel.

    To begin with, I did a lot of research. This blog helped me enormously. Secondly, the seller took a lot of excellent pictures. I could tell the quality of the leather from the pictures. I knew what to look for on the silver i.d. tag. I knew the hardware on the inside of the handles had tiny rivets in them. The pictures illustrated the "swoosh" factor. The price was $850 and the seller had 100% positive feedback. She also purchased it from an authorized Balenciaga dealer in NYC. In order for me to spend that kind of money, I had to be 100% positive that it was authentic and I did knew it was real. Sounds a little crazy, but it was. If you see bags on ebay for sale and have questions regarding its authenticity, you should use this forum for guidance.
  9. HelenNZ - can't you post a pic in here of your new twiggy?

    I really want to see it. :biggrin:

  10. Sounds great. Thanks so much for your help.;)
  11. *raises hand too*
    Hi, my name is murasaki, and I am a Balenciaga addict. :love:

    Welcome aboard to the lilac bandwagon! I got my lilac twiggy last week. I have three twiggies now :blink:

    This is the only bag I'd want to own in multiple quantities. Funny because I just got a Chloe paddington in whiskey... I love it but it is the only one I'll ever buy as opposed to a Balenciaga motorcycle bag.

    I'm loving the lilac. I feared it was going to be too pastel initially but IRL it's a nice balance with some gray undertones.
  12. hehehehehe.... heres my TWIGGY...

    everyone wave to it!!! Sorry its a bit fuzzing... im not too sure when Vlad sticking up my pics in showcase.... hehehehe!

    SORRY, Vlad/Megs... i'm just too excitied... you can move this if you want :smile:
    beach 046.jpg
  13. I'm a B-bag addict too (or soon to be). Just bought a bordeaux first from ebay with the help of my fellow beloved forum members. :love:

    Helen, I love your new twiggy! Be sure to post the black B-bag when you get it from AR k? What size did you get in black? I'm thinking of getting a black city next but I'm afraid that it might be too big on me.
  14. I love it - it's a great color in Twiggy.

    I am taking my box out tonight for the first time. I appleguarded it and everything. :P
  15. fuzzing??? geez, i've got so many type-o's in my replies!!!! :shame: FUZZY!!!!

    Irissy, i'm getting a black medium/city bag! wee hee!!!!! i was afraid it was going to be too big too, i'm just 5'2 but i've had a couple of fake :cry: b-bags that were city/medium and they were great size! But i must say once i got on to this forum etc... those fake ones went out the door!!! :biggrin: i will totally post up pics once black b-bag arrives which should be in roughly 2 long weeks!!!