Balenciaga, Chloe and Spy on Bluefly!!!!

  1. Blufly Fri 6:49 am:
    6 Chloe Silverados in different colors
    18 Balenciaga first and med in all colors
    6 Fendi Spy and Spy hobos
    WOW - I have never seen so many on Bluefly!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:

    Whiskey and taupe Paddys too!!!
  2. Who took the White City and the Paddys?:sad2:
  3. Be careful. All the BBags look like fakes. I don't know enough about the other brands. Check them out carefully!
  4. would bluefly sell fakes? wow...
  5. Someone got a fake BBag a few weeks ago so yeah, it's happened :sad:
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I would be very surprised that they would sell fakes, maybe they are from the parallel market (which is legal), who knows...crazy.
  7. I thought Bluefly sells Authentic stuff....
  8. :weird: OMG! are there pictures or anything to see that it was a fake? I got one of the Planet/Boobies from Bluefly and it was totally legit.

    I wonder how it happened, b/c BF usually purchase surplus inventory from high-end retailers and department stores.
  9. If they are fakes then this was a major scam of one of their buyers, I would think. It will be interesting to see what reports start coming into PF next week. They're all gone now and I have a feeling that they've been bought up by a number of our members.
  10. were the paddys fake too?
  11. Well, the camel balenciaga city definitely has square hardware shoulder strap bales when you zoom in, making it a dead give away for a fake. Plus the color and texture of the leather SCREAM fake.

    I can't comment on the paddys because they were all gone by the time I looked up
  12. The balenciagas look pretty darn bad
  13. will be interesting to see photos of those that ordered. Maybe they were returns of fakes that got lost in the shuffle.
  14. OM that is horrible!
  15. I am shocked - I ordered a Paddy tote from Bluefly yesterday! I didn't look too close at the B-bag pics when I posted this morning - I was so excited to let everyone know they were available. It's good to know - I will post when my Paddy comes in if I think it is authentic or not.