Balenciaga, Chloe and Fendi

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  1. Very new to this site, so pls bare with me.
    I'm a competition freak and have won 3 designer handbags (Balenciaga, Chloe and a Fendi)over the last year, and need advice on how to sell them, without using ebay! I just hate paying them all that money! I got to say, the Balenciaga is just stunning, but just not pracitcal for me! Any advice much needed, as these need to go!
  2. Lucky you! :tup:

    There are other selling sites people use, like Bonanzle (, but eBay gets, by far, the best traffic.

    So, if you want to sell them quickly, eBay's still probably your best bet, I'm afraid.
  3. Hi! Welcome to tPF! :welcome:

    As expected, this has been asked dozens of times, please always try a search first, there's a TON of great info here!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.