balenciaga cargo bag any one know where to find?

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  1. i can't seem to find one for sale any place i can look? thank you, am new to this site so hope am asking in right place
  2. I dont know what style U are looking for maybe U have a picture???
    Greetings FX:heart::heart::heart:

  3. Please show a picture if you can so we can be sure as to which style you are referring to. :smile:
  4. i am also looking for the balenciaga corduroy cargo bag preferably the large but would consider the smaller .. corduroy with suede inside.. any color used to have one and miss it so much ..
  5. i don't seem to be able to post pict, is the large corduroy cargo bag with suede lining .. thank you
  6. Those "Matrix" bags were from 2003, so they won't likely be in any retail stores. However, you may get lucky at resale/consignment shops as they do come up from time to time. Good luck finding the one you are looking for...I believe there were two sizes and it sounds like you're looking for the bigger one. Here's a pic of the smaller one:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.