Balenciaga Care

  1. I just got myself a limited edition Balenciaga work (or is it office?) in ponyskin with beige/blush distressed leather trim and swarovski crystals in the hardware.

    SOOOOO IN LOVE!!!!!!!

    Can anyone give some tips on how to clean and take care? I've been using it every day for the last 3 weeks and basking in the enviable stares of those who see it. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! :yahoo:
  2. I recommend you get some For Handles Only treatment from Lovin My Bags and treat the handles every week or so to prevent darkening. Also, some moisturizer from applegaurd to help clean and condition your leather.
  3. You know, I have 3 bbags and they have to be the toughest bags I have. I can abuse them and they still look great! I clean them periodically with apple conditioner and that is it! I have darker colors so I think they take a beating better than the lighter ones.
  4. What about for the pony part? Any suggestions?
  5. I don't know how to care for the bag but I wanted to say lucky, lucky you!!! :heart: Please post pictures if you can!
  6. No cleaning tips, but congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. I'm curious about the pony part too. I have a mini coin purse in white pony.