Balenciaga - Cafe 2007... Love it!

  1. I got my first designer bag and it's a Balenciaga City Bag :yahoo:!

    A couple of days ago, I'd started off with a couple of ideas (LV Epi Leather Bag, YSL Muse, etc) but after taking a look at the bags on Fifth Avenue, I still wasn't convinced of my choice...

    I've been reading many of your Balenciaga posts (they're simply... awesome!)and decided to stop by the Balenciaga store. I fell in love with the bags :love: . I left the color decision to my boyfriend and he chose the Cafe color cos' it's very versatile (I wanted something I can take to work and for the weekends too). I attached some pictures of the bag. Let me know what you guys think of it :yes:
    purse forum.jpg cafe color1.JPG cafe color2.JPG with my new bbag.JPG
  2. Omggggg... yum yum... looks like a huge bar of dark chocolate!! :nuts::nuts::nuts::love: Congrats and welcome to tPF and the dark side! :graucho::yahoo:

    Btw, is that a Burberry scarf? Those 2 fuzzy balls in the end are so adorable!
  3. Thanks!

    I have to admit....I'm totally addicted now :wlae:
  4. Welcome welcome!!! You know you're gonna want more ya... :graucho:
    Congrats!! Cafe is gorgeous...looks good on you....if you dun mind...cld we get a closeup pic????
  5. Beautiful rich chocolate color!!! I love it. congrats on your purchase. Your BF has good taste.
  6. It's Beautiful! :drool: .. drool worthy :drool:
  7. Welcome Debudante!! Your bag is so beautiful! That cafe is so deep and rich. You'll love your bag! Congrats!

    I wanna own one soon
  9. Congrats!
  10. Perfect choice -- I absolutely love it, style, color, leather, everything! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. Congratulations, your bag is amazing. I love it. The color is really beautiful.
  12. Congratulations! I love the color, so rich!
  13. Lovely! Love that color.
  14. honey i looove it !! the color is goooorgeous :smile: congrats and welcome !
  15. Yum Yum!!! Congratulations and welcome!