Balenciaga Brown Twiggy on Overstock. com

  1. Just wanted to mention that there's a Brown Twiggy, Cafe?, on for $899 and their $1 shipping ends today!:tup:
  2. Thank you so much for posting! I've been looking for a new brown bbag and I was able to get it! I was also able to get 8% off! :ty::yahoo:
  3. Super!!:tup:
  4. awesome, how did you get an etra 8% off. congrats
  5. I went on and checked out their current coupons...the 8% off with $1 shipping was the best I could find for today :smile:
  6. Just in case anybody is shopping for anything else on Overstock, I used code 95895 this morning for 10% off $60 or more. :yes:
  7. i saw a few bal bags this morning. i'm dying to know if anyone got the vert gazon twiggy? i gotta see pics.