Balenciaga Brown 05' Twiggy on Ebay BIN $625

  1. Hey ladies,
    looks good to me. Auction# 686981237.:biggrin:
  2. hehehhee. I was just looking at that guy. :smile: the handles are awfully dark, but the leather looks pretty!
  3. oops, ranskimmie, you missed a digit - 6869812317 (I thought the auction had been pulled for a second...!)

    This is a gorgeous bag, somebody please buy it for the little pugs!!
  4. aw someone help the pugs! That's a beautiful bag for the price.
  5. if it were a box I'd totally go for it.
  6. it's gone! That was a great deal, lucky girl whoever got it!
  7. dood, that was quick!
  8. Well.. it was a great deal:biggrin: