Balenciaga Bronze Metallic City!!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a newbie here and I just joined this forum last weekend. You all seem so friendly and addicted :amuse: ! I really want the Balenciaga City in Bronze Metallic. I noticed that Cricket has a few, though I'm not sure if they still have them in stock. I've tried to email them about their selection, but no response yet. I was wondering if anyone here knew of what they do have left? I'm dying for that bag and it doesn't help that I'm from Canada. I may have to call them, but any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. You can try Barneys New York or the Balenciaga store in New York. Maybe they still have some left. I have the bronze in the box style and I love the color.
  3. They frequently come up on ebay too.
    Cheers, Carolyn
  4. I'll keep my eye out for you. Good Luck!
  5. where in canada are you from?
  6. i'm currently in Calgary, Alberta. The Holt Renfrew here do carry Balenciaga, but just not the color that I want. They have a very limited selection and don't special order or anything like that. But thanks everyone, for the info! :love: I will give Barney's a try and keep my eye out on eBay as well.
  7. Oh boy the saga for this bronze continues... I'm also looking for one and everywhere is sold out! Pls PM me if someone's selling theirs!!
  8. I had ordered the bronze City from Cricket and they just e-mailed me to tell me that my order was cancelled since they no longer have the bag in stock. So I guess there are no bronze City bags to be had. :sad2: :evil:
  9. I guess thats why they havnt got back to me!!! They responded, told me they would hold a bronze for me until they got my credit card information. I sent it to them and have tried contacting them 3 times since!!! And still no response :evil: Very poor customer service as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I ordered mine Tuesday morning...they charged my CC and sent me a confirmation and everything, and apparently they sold my bag to someone who called in an order the NEXT DAY!!! I am really mad at them! I placed my order AND PAID FOR IT 24 hours before the call-in order, but now I don't get the bag. :evil: