Balenciaga briefcases?

  1. There are always a bunch of men's briefcases on eBay - my husband is looking at them right now, asking how we'd know if they were authentic.

    I can't find any information about where these are sold IRL - just on eBay (which is odd).

    Has anyone seen Balenciaga briefcases IRL? Are the ones on eBay authentic?

    And...what I think he should get is a Men's Weekender (which I know they make, since Seahorseinstripes wants one!) - but where would I find one and does anyone know how they're different from the women's in terms of dimensions?

    Can a man wear a Work bag? Why not?

    I'm just full of questions today.

  2. if they're authentic, they're only licensed to use the Balenciaga name. n. ghesquiere had nothing to do with the design. i wouldnt assume it's high quality.

    a work bag is too small for men.
  3. I've seen balenciaga men bags in Barney's (boston) male dept, but didn't pay that much attention to it~Sorry~:sad:
    just remember there were lots of messenger-ish style maybe it's the male courier, i tried one on, the strap is longer than the regular courier, and relatively big.

    Don't remember seen something like briefcase or work or weekender~ call barney's and c what they have right now.
  4. Thanks, guys. That helped quite a bit.

    Wouldn't it sort of depend on the size of the guy? The guy in question is currently carrying a bag (locally crafted in New Mexico about 15 years ago) that's approximately 16" wide, and about 13" tall (expands to about 8" in depth).

    Not that he'd necessarily want to carry a Weekender. I'm just encouraging him to look at a range of choices in about that size or a little bigger.