- Balenciaga brief - which colour

  1. Hello!

    How does the 2 colours call?

    Are these Balenciaga still available?
    2005122615270721661.jpg 2007032521054395470.jpg
  2. Umm...sorry, franky but those look fake.
  3. How can I see that?

    Lots of greetings
  4. I can't really see the details of the bags because the pics are small. The first thing I noticed was the plastic covering over the strap and handles. Authentic Bbags don't have that. Where did you get the pics from?
  5. But I like the colours.

    Can I buy these colours Authentic?
    Where did you buy your bags?
  6. the bags in the pics look fake! Bbags do not have the plastic covering over the straps and handles.. you can check with aloha rag for the regular hardware, and Lusaiviaroma for the giant hardware if you like those bags..
  7. Those look fake.

    They aren't the "Brief" style either.
  8. I found the website aloha rag. But I cant finde those bags.

    And I cant find the website Lusaiviaroma

    Can you send me the link?

    Thanks so much.

    Lots of greetings