balenciaga brief bag

  1. i was wondering if anyone has ever bought or seen the bal brief bag? i saw it on a post on atelier naff as a demo of the new gold hardware but does anyone know if it is currently available?:drool:
  2. i believe that's coming out as part of the S/S 07 which will be coming in December. you can get them in the chunky hardware or the reg. ones :flowers: i really want to see more pics of it. i wonder how large it is.
  3. it looks really great with the gold hardware in the pictures. i wonder if it is something that is going to be difficult to get. i had never heard of the brief as an available style before.:drool:
  4. It's a new style to be available in December. They're not getting it in all the colors though. My SA is going to compile a list with pics of what and which colors they're getting, then e-mail it out. Because it's new, and they're still offering the city & twiggy, my guess is there won't be a rush for them until there are more reviews on it.
  5. thanks for the info! i think i will call and ask to be placed on the waiting list for that bag since it looks too cute to pass up!:yes:
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