Balenciaga Box vs Twiggy

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  1. *SIGH* :love:

    After seeing Loganz's Twiggy, I'm in love with yet another Balenciaga style (besides the City bag). :shame: :biggrin: Now, I'm thinking that maybe I should start with a Box or a Twiggy. Balenciaga fans, which would you chose, the Box or the Twiggy? I hear more about the most women not like the Box style?
  2. Definitely the Twiggy.
  3. i need to see more pics of the b box. anyone have?
  4. I have a box and I love it. Its (obviously) more box-like. I would guess that's its internal dimensions are not that different from a Twiggy but its wider. I tend to not like 'flat' bags.

    BUT, mine is denim and it holds it shape. I wonder if the squishy leather box would end up sagging to the point where it doesn't look like anything....
  5. i'd go for a twiggy! :smile:
  6. I am biased - I like the Twiggy.

    However, I would be very curious to know the dimensions of the Box.
  7. I guess the Twiggy is pretty boxy....

    The Twiggy is 14"x6.5"x7"
    The Box is 11"x5.5"x7"

    That's from an SA at Balenciaga in NYC.
  8. The Twiggy is :love:
  9. That is very interesting...I would love to see one in person.
    This might be my next bag (not to occur for months, but pre-planning is okay). :P
  10. [​IMG]Here is a pic of the box I got off of the atelier.naff site.
  11. [​IMG]Here is a pic of the Twiggy I got off of the atelier.naff site.
  12. Box dimensions are: 13x6x6.5
    Twiggy dimensions are: 14.5x6.5x9
  13. Twiggy!!!
  14. GAH I just saw a box today in real life and I would have sworn it was a slightly smaller twiggy...I just bought a truffle twiggy and am waiting for it to come..but I LOOOVE the box it seemed like the perfect everyday size. I think that the reason most people don't have one is because there are less out there and I hear they were discontinued in '06- I'm not sure but I didn't find the leather box to be too saggy...and not too boxy when not completely full...I hope this helps :]
  15. twiggy!
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