balenciaga bordeaux color question

  1. ladies, do any of you know whether they still make this color?...and if not, can you tell me when it was discontinued?...i'm in love, love, love with it :love:
  2. Bordeaux was pre-fall 2005. You can find them on Ebay from time to time. If you like the dark burgendy color there is a similar shade coming out in the fall.
  3. The Grenat/Oxblood color is supposed to be similar to the Bourdeaux.
  4. i love this color as well.
    when my pewter sells, i may look into a lovely red b-bag!
  5. thanks so much for your help ladies :smile:
  6. there's actually a bordeaux first and twiggy up on ebay right now.
    i'm familiar with the seller of the first and that bag should be authentic.
  7. thanks for the tip *jennifer*...i saw that bag on e-bay too, but i've already gotta twiggy & am craving the day hobo ;)