Balenciaga Booties: Luv'em or hate 'em

  1. Ever since I saw pics of Mary Kate Olsen wearing these booties last year, I couldn't get them out of my mind. I know that many of you probably think they are repulsive, but for some reason I find them irresistable. The problem is that they sell for over $1,000.

    Now Victoria's Secret carries a knock-off from Sam Edelman. I had to have them. I ordered them this morning, but they are on B/O until mid-Sept. Is there anyone else that finds these too hot to pass up? Or am I alone on this one?

  2. They are just not my style.. look like big blocks, to me.. then again I wear a 9.5! However, if you love them, go for it!!! I always find that people really look great in things they love~
  3. I'd consider how much use you'll get out of them and how long they'll be in. That is a lot of money to spend on a trend.
  4. I think those are great! I love Balenciaga shoes because they're so off the wall!! (They're comfy, too) But then again, i love shoes and have 115 pairs not including the 2 pairs I bought today and the 6 pairs I have being shipped as we speak! And.....the wilder they are the more I like them!!!! You won't find a plain Jane pair of black pumps in the bunch! But then again, I'm a tad unconventional all around and it's just the way I like me!!:smile:
  5. I love those boots but I know I couldn't wear them everyday. I'm just not daring enough. lol. They are definitely hot - enjoy them!
  6. Not my style.
  7. These aren't my style at all, but if YOU love them you should get them as you'll feel great wearing them. Good idea getting the cheaper knock-offs as these booties don't exactly go with everything! :yes:
  8. nah hate em sorry
  9. I am with you, love them!
  10. Though, I do have "wierd" taste, I'm not feelin these at all.
    While looking at these, the word 'monstrous' comes to mind (monstrous, as in: huge).

    But, hey, like some others have already said, if you like them, then rock em!
    I can respect one's own personal sense of style. :tup:

    The only reason why I'd advise you not to get them is if they were extraordinarily unflattering to you're body type/frame.
  11. Not for me. Look like something out of a Sci fi movie...
  12. Those are some crazy booties! I could never pull them off even though secretly I would love to pull off the styles MK and Ash do. If you have the style and confidence go for it! These boots have to be worn with fierce confidence. I would be really impressed and I would admire someone if I saw them rocking these. However if I saw someone "just wearing" them on their feet I would probably think they looked like a tragic fashion victim.
    Have fun with them!!! I would love to see a modeling pic.
  13. I'd wear them to the right type of place like a club or something, but I never go to clubs anymore, so I'd never buy them. They do sort of have a strange appeal to them though.
  14. Well put.
  15. Love them ... but can't imagine actually wearing them. Not because they're not cool, but because I'd never have the guts "to rock" them.