Balenciaga Blues


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Jan 31, 2006
ello beautiful ppl...
ok, i'm practically DYING from insecurity right now... ages ago, i bought this Medium Balenciaga motorcycle bag in plum purple from ebay(apparently authentic)... and ok, to be totally honest with u, i didn't really take care of it very well.. :worried: it got rained on A LOT. Anyways, i met this girl who was carrying the same bag, and, for some reason, the colours looks a bit different!!:weird: ok i realise that my bag's kinda old and worn too... but still... DAAAAHHH!!! did i get ripped off or what!??!?!
could someone give me some finer points in identifying balenciaga fakes, and could someone also pls post a picture of ur plum purple balenciaga so i could maybe check out the colour? :sad2:
make sure that the bales that hold your shoulder strap to the bag are completely round, not squared. also, make sure all of the numbers line up with what they are supposed to be on

balenciaga bags are all different, though, that's part of the beauty of them. every single bag is unique and slightly different than the others, so i wouldn't worry too much.
Make sure the tassles are thoroughly dyed also. On mine, the tassles are dyed all the way through. I know on certain colors, the tassles don't dye thoroughly and you see whitish/grey edges but the purple bags did not have that problem. Many (but not all) fake bags have it however.
Sorry for asking the question, but I have 4 authentic Balenciagas 2 in the city style, 1 in voyager, and 1 in first. Is it normal for the handles to stretch? They seem alot longer after a couple of months use. :weird:
THANK YOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!! :P i checked mine out on that site.. and the serial numbers all match up.;) *sigh of relief* should i maybe try use leather conditioner to kinda spruce up my bag a lil bit? or would that be a disaster? coz it's kinda getting a bit cracky and chippy in some areas... :blink:
as for the handles... mine didn't really stretch.. but then again, i dont carry heavy stuff innit.. and also again... it might not be REAL...!!! :worried: i'm just being paranoid...