Balenciaga Blue Book?

  1. This is so amazing! I haven't seen that many used handbag that could be sold higher than retail :nuts: ..... one of them is Balenciaga!! I guess because they are so limited and the color are so pretty, true colector's item!! :yes:

    Sometimes I come across bags with different conditions and color, I always wonder how do I judge how much it is worth? Of course alota times it depends on how much you want the bag too. So I was wondering is there any Balenciaga "blue book" for collectors? I have a Barbie collectors book and it lists all the barbie ever released and their market price based on the condition, it was really useful.

    Or just a silly idea, could we start something like this? Maybe we can later gathered enough information to publish our own PF Balenciaga Blue book :roflmfao:
  2. Very interesting thought, I'm a newbie here so I don't know if this blue book exist. But if anything, these girls here can definately compile one for sure.
  3. nope, no bluebook... i started a pricing guide awhile back, but it requires a long commitment. but honestly, usually the market decides the price of the bag, it all depends on who your buyers are and what colors they personally covet, and so sometimes there are bidding wars that get one color or another to leap up in price. but then 2 weeks later, the exact same bag will pop up and go for much less, b/c the buyers arent competeing neck n neck for the same bag. its pretty unpredictable actually...

    you can always post and ask the girls here what they think a certain bag/style/condition is worth to them. I think it variers for most people, how much they would pay for a certain color, ect.
  4. i really think the bluebook value changes based on the wind or something. i find bbag ladies to be very fickle and also many just like the hunt so one color can be hot because someone got it and all of a sudden everyone has to have it. this doesn't only happen with color but style too. for example, i think day and work bags have become more popular as of late. i also think the value of an old bag was higher when all we had were the s/s '06 bags (with IMO the much less desirable leather). now, since some of the f/w '06 bags have the nicer leather (though not IMO as nice as the old leather), the old bags with the better leather are not fetching as high of a price (with some exception).
  5. Totally agree, chigirl! Couldn't have said it better, myself!:yes:
  6. Amen ... me too! Frankly (and yes - this is my opinion), I think our :heart: LUST :heart: for the older bags drove up the prices too much. I'm hoping that since Balenciaga will be introducing so many new styles (and from what I hear - different types of leather - e.g., Lambskin and "exotics"), that more "oldies but goodies" will come out of the woodwork but at more 'reasonable' prices!