Balenciaga Ballet Flats

  1. Could someone who is a 7.5 stretch to an 8 comfortably?
  2. I wanna get a pair of Sobet Flats too but Erica doesn't have my size

    Hope she will get some in stock later.. or maybe in other colours
  3. With me, every designer is different. I am either an 9.5 or 10. The Bal ten was the one that fit me the best, so personally I think you would have no problem going to an 8 if you are a 7.5.
  4. Yes, I am the same way- different with every designer. Louboutin I am anywhere from a 7-8.5, Jimmy Choo, I am a 6.5-7 ... makes no sense! :thinking:I think it's probably better if I try these on somewhere before purchasing... Thanks for your help !!! :sunshine:
  5. Now that it's been are the flats wearing?

  6. the Bal online shop has the Sorbet ballerinas in stock! :smile:
  7. Not sure if it's just me being too hard on shoes, but mine aren't wearing that well. :sad: A few of the knobs have fallen off and now it's just screws sticking out, not good. I'm upset because they're soooo cute....I wonder if they can be replaced....
  8. whaaat..?? you mean the covered buttons actually came off????? how often did you wear those flats?

    that's really worrying.. they are so expensive so you'd think their quality should not be that bad.. and i've just ordered a pair myself!
  9. Yes, I was so upset when it first happened and then I found the button and screwed it back on. I made sure to tighten the rest of them so it wouldn't happen again, and then a week later it happened to another button! But this time I didn't find it...On the other shoe, the whole flap in the back came loose. I'm attaching photos so you can see. So just be careful...I did NOT wear these every day and I've only had them maybe 5-6 weeks...Here are the photos....
    DSC00548.JPG DSC00549.JPG
  10. well that stinks.. i've been lusting for these but maybe i should put my money elsewhere.
  11. ^^^ditto. For that amount of $$, they need to last longer than 6 weeks!!
  12. That happen to mine as well. It happen after a month and I didn't wear it everyday. :sad:
  13. ^Oh I'm sooooooo sorry this happened to you! At that price and after that short period of wearing them this shouldn't be happing!

    Have you contacted Bal regarding this issue?
  14. Wish I had known before I ordered mine.. :sad:
  15. That's so bad that they aren't good quality shoes ! I really wanted a pair, but I changed my mind....