balenciaga ballet flats...sizing??

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  1. Hi girls:smile:

    I´m considering buying these, but I´m unsure of how their sizing is? ( big,small, normal). I´m normally a EURO40 so should I get them in a size 40 also?

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  2. Hi there..

    I only have one pair but I find that they fit 1/2 a size smaller. Normally I'm a 36, but I found the 36.5 more comfortable.

    I'm sure the lovely ladies here will be more certain but that is my experience :smile:
  3. Agree-they run at least 1/2 size small.
  4. Hi girls and thank you so much for your reply. does everyone agree?
  5. For reference, I am 39,5 in Chloe and Ferragamo, 41 in Lanvin and BV, 40 in Bal, if that helps.

  6. thanks girls:smile: you were very helpful:smile:
  7. anybody knows how much the current price of the bal flats?
  8. I agree - I have three pairs of Bal flats and needed 1/2 size to a full size bigger.