Balenciaga bags?

  1. ok i posted this in the general section because i want an unbiased opinion...

    Do you like Balenciaga bags? :smile:

    Not to sound ignorant/stupid/wierd/dumb or anything else.

    what is it that you like about them?

    Do you think its a fad or a permanent lovely classic bag?

    I cant seem to find a good reason to get one, im not comparing it to chanel or LV or hermes because theyre not the same.

    i want one, but another part of me says no.

    Can you tell me any reasons why you like it (BESIDES QUALITY, because all these bags we know were made with QUALITY)

    im asking these honestly, dont take it offensive because im considering to buy one for casual but can find a reason why....:shame: maybe just a bag addict branching out?
  2. I just love the leather. It's so soft and smushy. They age very well and are much more understated than LV or Chanel because they don't show any logo or name. I just love that they're not so popular and that they're hard to get and that not everybody is running around with my bag like with LV. They've been around for quite some time now and I'm sure that they turn out to be a "classic".
  3. I love that it doesnt have any logos yet looks really hip. It's also very light so you can carry it with ease. I also love the anticipation of new colors coming out with each season and knowing they will never be repeated. Each bag has variations in leather which can be a pain sometimes but actually gives each piece a character of its own.

    Here's my take on this though... Bbag lovers can give you a million and one reasons but it all boils down to what YOU love about it and what works for YOU. You shouldnt have to look far and hard for a reason to buy a certain bag. You just know when you carry it if its for you or not. Try it out in the store and see how it looks on you and if it feels right, then go for it. I just have to warn you - in my case, after I got my first one there was no turning back:nuts:. I'm officially hooked. Good luck!:love:

  4. Good question...I was wondering about this bag too...the look is so nice.......:yes:
  5. Where I live EVERBODY carries either LV or Coach logo bags and I like having something different that I know is nice, but no one else does;)
  6. yes. I do.
  7. Tanja, Tod,

    thanks for your replies,

    i like the look of their bags and i also love it because of no logo :biggrin:

    i want EVERYONES opinion because i want to know why they love it. lol

    if im gonna get one i will probably get hooked, but i bet it'll be cheaper than my Hermes addiction thats starting in may :love:
  8. oooohhh thanks!

    im gonna love how they are gonna be light! my chanel is a bit heavy and i know my birkin or bolide is gonna be Heavy...
  9. I :heart: Balenciaga bags!! I love the Blueberry City the most. And the Twiggy! :love:

    It's so understated and the leather is so luxurious, the colour so rich!

    Love the functional shoulder strap too.

    What's not to love?
  10. can you fit the handles over your shoulder?
  11. I was a bit like you initially... very tentative about branching out from Chanel, Gucci, BV, LV, Tod's, etc... But then I joined the PF and kept seeing pics of these beautifully colored bags with the soft looking squishy leather. I ordered one and that was it for me. I now have 12 (all from '06) in different styles plus 3 of the Money wallets (use them as a clutch). They are quite addictive once you start.
  12. I can't (at least I don't think so), but probably cos I haven't tried to do so. The handles look much better when worn on the crook of the arm, IMO.

    Get a City!
  13. Golden!

    *bows to the queen*

    you have so many bags i didnt know you were collecting Bbags now? lol

    shopaholic, lol i was thinking about the city..actually i think ima pop into the Bal thread to get some info.... well lol knowing me ill probably stuff my fat arm into those handles instead of using the convenient shoulder strap.... like i did to my cerf...poor thing didnt see it comin...haha ... sometimes the crook of the arm is tiring, esp. shopping time... so that why i try to stuff it or i just bring my petit shopper :biggrin:

    i also wondered, im not a fan of high maitenance bags, are they High maitenance.? i tend to toss my bags around...and since this is gonna be my casual bag, i might tos it all over the place.. i know petit shopper and vavin have been abused...
  14. Yes I wondered about Bbag myself........... Tossing between the Bbag rouge '06 or LV pochette onatah in plum leather ? Which is a better choice guys ?