Balenciaga Bags!!!


Jan 16, 2006
I am new here, but have lurked for a while. I bought a balenciaga bag off of a website (efashionstore) before finding this board:sad2: . Now I know better!!!! I ordered one from ebay, personalshopper that some had recommended, and I am crossing my fingers that it is going to be 100% real this time!!!!! I love the style, the size and all the color choices!!!!! I can't wait to get my new bag!!!!!! Ya'll are great!!!!!

I forgot to add, I bought the new ink color!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!!!!!!
Oooh, I love the ink color! Congrats! Post photos when you get it :biggrin: I am also looking to get a B-bag, but I've put my bag buying on hold until I deal with my #$@! car accident stuff :evil:
I got my new balenciaga bag and let me tell you it is as great in person or even better!!!!! It is an awesome ink color. I love the color, it is a little different from what I would normally buy (brown or black...boring) but not so wild that I wouldn't carry it. It is a great color, it looks so different in different lights. When I first got it, it looked more blackish, I was a little disappointed and thought maybe it was a little to boring for a balenciaga bag. But then the light hit it!!! And let me tell you it is pretty kinda bluey-purply more on the purple side. It is very eye catchying to me. If anyone is on the fence on this color, I say go for it. I will try and post pictures when I can!!!!