Balenciaga bags

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know why with Bbags some colors are more expensive than others?

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  2. It has to do with rare bags and bags that are more sought after. The bag colors that are not repeated often are especially sought after, and the leathers of 04 and 05 are more thick and soft as well. Some colors that many look for are from 04...Eggplant, Lilac, Rose, Dark and Light Turquoise, and Marigold. And from 05...Bubblegum Pink, Turquoise, and Magenta. Many thought when 07 Aquamarine came out that it was going to be like 05 Turq, but now that they have been compared Aqua is more like 05 Teal not 05 Turq. There has been nothing really to compare to 05 Bubblegum Pink so that is still a special find. Now that there is 07 Grape and 07 Marigold maybe Eggplant and any old yellows won't be as expensive. But like Aqua, when Grape comes out if the leather or color isn't as nice as Eggplant then some will still be wanting the Eggplant. 05 Magenta is another very pretty color but for some who didn't have a chance to get it in 05, there is a limited amount available now at Bal. I only began looking to buy Bal bags in late 06 and I wanted the 05 colors and leather. It took me about 6 months to acquire all of my 05 bags. Other experts here can comment on 02 or 03 bags with pebbled leather, flat brass, and silver hardware. These are also rare to find, and have a higher value. Then of course an older bag in brand new condition is going to be sold for a higher price. Then in some auctions, the cost is driven higher by the buyers. I have paid more for bags that are in mint condition and that have been on my personal wish list. In my picture below at the top is 07 French Blue Matelasse and then into my 05's in the City style, Magenta, BG Pink, and Turq. And in the bottom row 06 Lilac First, 05 Metallic Pink Rose Box, and 05 BG Pink First.
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    Great Info..thanks soo much :tender: