Balenciaga bags - Prices and questions

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  1. I read CeeJay's post about where to buy authentic Balenciaga bags. How much do the motorcycle bags usually go for, and what sizes are available? I have seen the small and medium sizes. I also saw an auction up on eBay from personalshoppers for a white Twiggy. I like the shape of that bag a lot. How much does that one run?

    For those that own B-bags, what size do you prefer? Are they comfortable to carry and get in and out of? I wish I could find a store that sells them locally, but I don't think the NM around here does.
  2. I don't have Balenciaga bag but would love to have one though. I don't think NM has it (I wish they sell them). But I am sure the other ladies here will have the answers for your questions:smile: .
  3. Thank you, Sweetea :biggrin: I'm going through another one of my bag crushes :P
  4. I don't own a B-bag (yet) but here are the price range from Aloha Rag:

    a) First/Small (7.5" X 13" X 2.5"): $995 or $1175 for pony hair
    b) City/Medium (9.8" X 15" X 5.5"): $1195 or $1410 for pony hair
    c) Work/Office (11" X 18" X 7.5"): $1275 or $1495 for pony hair
    d) Weekender/Voyage (13.4" X 20.5" X 7.9"): $1385
    e) Twiggy/Boston (7.10" X 15" X 6.25"): $1055
    f) Mens Day/Messenger (14.56" X 12.6" X 5.11"): $990
    g) Shoulder (5.5" X 8" X 2"): $695
    h) Day/Saddle (14.5" X 14.5" X 5.11"): $995 or $1275 for pony hair
    i) Box (6.88" X 11.41" X 5.11"): $985
    j) Long Wallet (4.33" X 8.66"): $505
    k) Mini Coin Purse (4.33" X 5.9"): $285

    Here are the good sites I go to for B-bag 411:
  5. Thank you, Irissy! That's a huge help :biggrin: The ones I like are the Twiggy and the Small or Medium. I saw pictures of Nicky Hilton carrying her many Balenciagas and they look nice carried in the crook of the elbow. That's the way I carry my bags most of the time. I saw a couple of different colors on eBay, including white, apple green, cornflower blue, and a red/rouge color. All of them were :love: Personalshoppers has both a white small size motorcycle and white twiggy up :love:
  6. Cristina..I know what your thinking he he.. :P . I am in love with the BV bag :love: right now but there is no way I can afford it any sooner.
  7. my bag crush on the pewter balenciaga led to an ebay impulse buy that i'm sure y'all already saw the thread about...i'm sooooo excited! i can't wait until it gets here. good luck on your search!
  8. Ooh! I can personally vouch for the twiggy. I loove the twiggy. I have it in calcaire... and uh hehe... I have two more twiggies coming my way :shame: .

    It is the perfect size in my opinion. I have a city too but something about the shape of the twiggy and how it hangs on the arms feels just right. Its shape also gives way to just the right amount of space for my things. Just my personal opinion :biggrin:
  9. I just wish the old leather is back... Waiting for it to come back might be a good thing for me as it will help me save $! Ha ha... ya right... let's see how long that'll last.
  10. i have a choc brown city, a magenta twiggy and an apple green work and i love the work the best because i tend to carry a lot of stuffs! for a first B bag- i think the city is a classic! hope this helps!
  11. Thanks everyone :biggrin: I e-mailed Aloha Rag for more information on purchasing from them. I saw on their site the bags they have in stock and the colors. I asked if they would send me photos (not sure if they'll do that or not), because I'd like to get a better idea of the described color. I'm also going to contact Browns. I'll see what they both tell me :biggrin:
  12. There are some NMs that sells's worth giving your SA a call.
  13. cris, got my magenta twiggy from browns and even with 10% custom fees and shipping, their deal is a lot better than aloha and i've ordered from aloha too. if i remember right, i saved about $130 (depending on exchange rates). they will credit your cc with the price you see on their site and then will refund the VAT. write or ask for Arianna. she was my SA. very helpful. you need to let her know the amount of distressing you want - smooth or highly distressed- even coloring with no noticeable light spots and whatever you want in a perfect bag. gosh, i think i wrote her a million letters!!!!!:nuts:
  14. Thanks, that's very helpful! I just read on a site that Aloha Rag doesn't charge shipping or sales tax, and that Browns is actually more expensive. I have e-mailed both places asking for availability, photos and prices, so I will compare and see what happens. Now, this all hinges on my selling something on eBay. I've got a lot of people interested in it, though, so I am thinking it will sell :nuts:

    SuLi - Thank you :biggrin: I will stop at NM tomorrow over my lunch hour and ask. If they don't sell them here, maybe the SA can help me find a location that does.
  15. Cristina -

    The rule of thumb on the sale of Balenciaga Bags at Neiman Marcus, depends on whether or not there are any other retailers around the same vicinity that also sell Balenciaga. For instance, in Boston, Louis of Boston and Barney's NY both carry Balenciaga. Therefore, Neiman Marcus does not carry them.

    As far as Browns (in London) is concerned, a couple of things you have to keep in mind:
    1. The pound is VERY strong against the dollar (almost 2:1), so chances are you will end up paying more (I know I did when I purchased my Indigo Med City Classique).
    2. You will be assessed customs duties.
    3. Most importantly, they will send the purse in a big box ... which means that it will get stopped in Customs. Customs will most likely open the box (even though the customs form says 'purse'). Why? - because ever since 9/11, customs becomes suspicious everytime they see any medium-sized or large-sized box sent from overseas (regardless of where it's sent from). So, it took my bag almost a month to get to me ... just because of Customs holding it up!!!!
    So, based on the above, it would be easier to get the bag from Aloha (they typically ship FedEx; you will get the bag 2-3 days after order). Plus, overall ... it will be cheaper.

    Now, as far as the actual bags are concerned, it really depends on your taste and (to a certain degree) your 'person' (by that, are you petite or tall, etc.). The reason why I bring this up, is because (in my opinion), really tall folks looks ridiculous carrying anything smaller than the Medium City Classique. I happened to see one of the mini-classique bags in London ... loved it, but I looked silly carrying it (therefore, I didn't buy it). The Twiggy used to come in a couple of sizes (large, medium and small). I think they make just the medium now. Personally, I'm not a Twiggy fan. If you carry a lot of junk (like me), you probably won't have enough room. Also, the selection of colors is usually more limited with the Twiggy bag (in other words, the "First" and City Classique are usually the bags made in all colors).

    Sorry for the verbose reply, but thought it might help you on your decision ... GOOD LUCK ... welcome to the B-BAG lovers club!!!
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