Balenciaga Bags - Personal Shopper?!?!

  1. Now I know that I could have been dreaming (given serious bouts of insomnia as of late), but I could have sworn (oops) that I saw somewhere in the threads that there is someone (online) who will search for a particular B-Bag for you. Does anyone else remember this and if so, who this person is (and the URL of course)!

    Obviously, I've not been successful in my Apple Green City (or larger) search ... so, time for desperate :shame: measures!!
  2. There is a TFS member that does that thing. I think her name is BagHunter or something and I remember she got a blog. Maybe someone can help with my memory too...
  3. Yes! It's mlertpac on thefashionspot board. She has a blog too but of course I can't find it now, but if you search TFS on the bbag thread, it should pull up.
  4. 0o00o totally fun!!! thanks for staring this thread, CeeJay....
  5. wow... this baghunter makes me want to buy them all! grr.. im too impulsive!
  6. She posts here sometimes too. She's very cool!
  7. ^^ Yes, she mlertpac on this forum too.
  8. Great info. I need to look into her as well to keep up on things.
  9. Thanks all; appreciate it!!