Balenciaga Bags on ebay - thoughts on Private IDs

  1. I have my eye on a couple of bags and I had them authenticated through our forum. However, it makes me leary when they keep the ID's private. What are you thoughts on this?

    Would you bid? Do you stay away from these auctions?

  2. you mean their feedback private? i dont like that... at all. or do you mean their bidders private? cause I understand that... it stops spammers from contacting bidders.
  3. I make bidders ID's private on high dollar auctions due to the scammers and competition. The only thing private you want to be leary of, is private feedback.
  4. ITA! :yes:
  5. I agree, I run from private feedback auctions. I'm just curious though about the link between private auctions and the competition?
  6. It has been known for crooked competitors to send a message to a buyer to get the buyer to bid on their auction.
  7. ^ got it. thanks.
  8. Exactly what Allison said! Another reason why I PREFER private auctions if I'm bidding, is so the whole world can't see what I bought through my feedback. I HATE that! I will actually ASK a seller to make an auction private for me if it's a high $$$ item.
  9. I've made an auction private once or twice. It had never occurred to me that this would be regarded with suspicion until I read threads to that effect. I thought of it an a courtesy so that the buyer of a high end item wouldn't get spammed. But when I realized that it could be misinterpreted, I didn't do it any more. I guess I would still do it upon request, but no one has asked.
  10. I got burned by one of these so called "power sellers". I bought a bag and presumed it was probably a copy even though it said "Authentic" on the add. I only paid $300.00 so I thought, ok, I'll carry it for a while then take it to the consignment shop. When it arrived, not only was it a fake, but a really, really, BAD fake. It ticked my off so bad that the seller thought I was stupid enough to think this bag authentic, or accept such a bad copy. I emailed the seller and asked her to kindly refund not only the purchase price, but both shipping charges. She agreed.............we'll see what happens.
  11. "Power Sellers" mean nothing in terms of authenticity, etc. Glad you are getting your $$ back though!!
  12. Thanks, Becca. I hope she comes through with the refund!!
  13. Power seller only means that a certain amount of value is sold on average over a 3 month period. With handbags, it's easy to become a power seller. Even I'm a Power Seller (at the moment because I'm downscaling--probably won't last) and I generally only sell my own things when I get overloaded. Someone selling fake bags in volume can become a power seller just by selling a few bags a week. It's distressing, but true. It's probably best to just ignore the power seller designation. I think in general, it's better to buy things from someone who is emptying their closet. I think it's less likely you'll encounter the bulk-fake sellers that way.
  14. I prefer private bidding also. I don't like people to see what I've bid on or won as I've been contacted way too many times by unknowns. On the other side of the spectrum, if that one auction with the fake green city had been private, the winner would be out 1500.00 right now. Luckily she was able to be contacted. Also, one seller had built up a good rep with 300 100% positives for 1 cent e-mailed recipes then started ripping people off when he started selling more expensive, tangible items so sometimes it's important to see what they're exactly getting positives for. Kind of a catch 22 and you can't have it both ways, but for myself personally, I'd rather be anonymous. Private feedback's another story and wouldn't bid on an auction with that unless I really know the seller, but I dont know any reputable sellers who would be ashamed of their feedback.
  15. All great comments and good to know. I appreciate it. I'm still learning alot of this and I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I hope to become more of a smart shopper through this forum.