Balenciaga Bags in TO

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  1. For all you bag hungry Canadians out there - my sister was just at Holt Renfrew on Bloor and there was a display of B bags, many sizes, many colours including the metallics. If you are after one, you can go down and look.
    Also, they are expecting the Dior Gaucho in leather and suede next month !!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. Thanks for sharing !!!

    I can't wait until I'm bag in Toronto.. London just doesn't cut it in terms of shopping !
  3. ayla, you said "bag in Toronto", instead of "back in Toronto"! I guess you have bags on the brain!! :lol:
  4. Oh my god, I certainly did ! :nuts:

    Well, what can I say, those Freudian slips !
  5. I think thus far we're the only Toronto-ian/ontario-ians (????) here. Dior takes wait list, I'm on it for the Gaucho tote (Feb/March). The SA told me only 2-3 might land in Toronto (pathetic), and that I really must take it if I'm on the list (geez).

    They had one SPY there that day and the lady who had it on hold had one hour, and that if I wanted it, I could have it as most likely she would not show up, but at $2,300.........I passed it up, then went to Chanel to snoop some more :P
  6. You meant London, Ontario, right?
  7. Of course, London, England would definately have a wealth of shopping to offer !

    London, Ontario.. has bars, and Walmart. :Push:
  8. Gosh, I thought O-town was bad...I used to live in Europe, London, Brussels, Amsterdam. So you know what an adjustment to me now living in the humbly O-town.
  9. there's no selling here!
  10. Sorry, wasn't aware of that :sad:

    What if a member wanted to sell/trade with another, how do we do it?
  11. Pinky, I am sorry but there is absolutely no buying or selling on the tPF forum....
  12. You don't.
    People are banned for this.
    There's no buying, selling or trading here, or through PMs.
    We don't allow it at all.
  13. Sorry ladies,

    But is there somewhere the members do trade, buy, etc.? I used to buy from eBay but I think we all know what a rip that is getting to be. I wish there was just a safe place to trade. Some of us cannot afford to buy new all the time.

  14. There's a private Forum for established Members that have contributed lots of advice/support to the Purse Forum.
    They apply and have to be approved.
    Otherwise, no one may sell/buy/trade here.
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